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Superannuation provides financial independence. The government has provided significant tax concessions to super which has made it one of the best tax-effective investment strategies. Super allows us to enjoy our retirement life. There are many contribution options with different tax implications which makes superannuation a complex area for a common person.
Super is a long-term investment as it starts when one starts working as goes until retirement. It requires continuous care and nurturing. Since it affects almost everyone, we have enumerated some facts about super landscape below.
There are two types of super funds i.e Accumulation Funds and defined benefit funds. Defined are a dying commodity and many are closed for new members. Accumulation funds are where contributions are made by you or your employer and money grow over time.

Categories of Super Funds

Retail Super Funds

These are super funds operated by Banks or investment companies. They may be a low-cost option or an alternative to MySuper.

Public Sector Super Funds

These are for government employees. Old members mostly have defined benefits however new members have accumulation fund.

Corporate Super Funds

It is a fund arranged by an employer for their employees are normally open to company employees only.

We will help you in navigating through the complex waters of super funds as there are so many options available that comparison is difficult through the naked eye. Our team of expert financial advisors in superannuation financial advice is available with their customized strategies so that you get the best out of your super contributions.

At BNH Financial Services, we advise about all aspects of superannuation. We will recommend

  • Appropriate Contribution size
  • Investment strategies in relation to your risk profile
  • Cost effective super fund
  • Consolidation of super funds
  • Downsizer and recontribution strategies
With access to technical research, legislation updates, and supervision of our licensee we endeavour to provide greater surety in achieving your retirement goals

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