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Self-Managed Super Fund Advice

Self-managed super funds are increasingly popular as they provide more control over investment strategy. It is a complex area requiring oversight and involving costs. A self-Managed super fund is managed by you and is different from retail funds or industry funds. The contributions are put into SMSF instead of retail funds and you become the manager of the fund. You choose the investment policy and decide on other key decisions like insurances.
An SMSF can have maximum six members. All members are trustees of the fund and if you choose to have a corporate trustee, all members become directors of the corporate trustee. SMSFs are jointly regulated by ASIC and ATO. SMSF accounts need to be audited every year and tax returns need to be lodged on timely basis to remain a regulated fund.

While SMSF provides control and flexibility, it requires strong oversight and acumen. There are some key responsibilities of the Trustee of an SMSF namely and you will need professional help to fulfil those.

Our financial advisor will advise you on the complexities around SMSFs so that you can decide whether it is right for you or not. We will also help you in

  • Establishing Self-managed super fund and their pros and cons
  • Compliance with the legal framework
  • Placing your insurances appropriately
  • Identifying investment options
  • Tax implications
  • Investment policy
  • Transition to pension
  • Maintaining records and preparing member statements
  • Investment property Purchase in SMSF through LRBA

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