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Every one of us has a working life and must retire one day. We have to make plans and determine our income goals when we retire and need to take necessary steps to achieve those goals. According to Financial Services Council, it is believed that on average every Australian needs to have 62.5 % of their current income for a stress-free and good life in retirement.
There is another variable to think that how much money you will need to retire. The life expectancy is increasing and one can expect to live into their eighties. Given a retirement age of 65 one may need retirement income for 20 or more years. You also need to think how retirement income will be generated. There can be different sources like Super, property, government pension or other investments. All of these sources may have tax implications and they also interact with each other. Your government pension may be impacted by how your super is set-up.

You will also like to plan how will transit to retirement. Retirement planning consists of planning sources of income, forecasting expenses, and implementing a plan to save and manage the risks. The quality of financial planning and discipline in implementation will be the key factor to ensure that you achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

Here are some of the reasons why retirement planning is important.

  • No one can work forever
  •  It gives you financial independence
  •  Helps to fulfill your life aspirations
  •  Relying only upon pension is not wise
  •  You will be able to meet emergency medical expenses
  •  Early planning and diverse investments

We will help you in understanding and planning

  • How much will be enough to retire – The Goal
  • How to achieve the goal
  • How long will retirement savings last
  • What are the options to supplement retirement income
  • Aged-Care

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