Equity Investments

Equity Investments

Equity investment is a popular growth strategy but trading at individual levels may prove costly and risky due to relatively low expertise and market information. Managed funds on the other hand pool the money of several individuals and provide following benefits:

1. Diversification

Managed funds invest into a range of investments which help them to reduce risk and volatility.

2. Professional Oversight

Individuals can not hire professional managers having knowledge, experience, and training to make informed decisions. On the hand managed funds can hire such specialists and provide best possible returns with peace of mind.

3. Ease of Investment

The investor can buy or sell the units and realise the growth while getting the income in the form of dividend or interest.
It should be noted that all investments carry inherent risks. We, MASU and the product issuers cannot guarantee the performance of any funds or the absence of financial losses.

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