Financial advice

5 ways to boost your Super with contributions before EOFY

Looking to give your superannuation a boost before the end of the financial year? Look no further! Follow these five savvy strategies to maximise your contributions and make the most of your superannuation savings: Why? Because these contributions are taxed at just 15%, potentially lowering your taxable income. It’s like giving less to the taxman […]

Estate Planning


Estate Planning Estate means a person’s total assets and liabilities. Estate planning is to ensure that there is the right structure to ensure that your assets are distributed the way you want. It is much more than a simple will as you need to consider appropriate trust structure, power of attorney, legal disputes, and tax […]

Retirement Saving Accounts Advice

Retirement Saving Accounts Advice

Retirement Saving Accounts Advice A retirement saving account is an account provided by a bank, building society or life insurance company designed for retirement savings and cannot be accessed till retirement. Our financial advisor will guide you on Appropriate RSA Cost comparison Taxation Comparison against super funds Ask a Question Any Questions? Make an online […]

Standard Margin Lending Facilities

Standard Margin Lending Facilities A Standard margin lending facility is where a person uses credit to buy financial products and is secured by property consisting of wholly or partially of marketable securities. While the strategy may provide more return on investment, it also carries some risks. Margin calls are possible in case value of investment […]

SMSF Advice

Self-Managed Super Fund Advice Self-managed super funds are increasingly popular as they provide more control over investment strategy. It is a complex area requiring oversight and involving costs. A self-Managed super fund is managed by you and is different from retail funds or industry funds. The contributions are put into SMSF instead of retail funds […]

Super Advice

Superannuation Advice Superannuation provides financial independence. The government has provided significant tax concessions to super which has made it one of the best tax-effective investment strategies. Super allows us to enjoy our retirement life. There are many contribution options with different tax implications which makes superannuation a complex area for a common person.Super is a […]

Stocks, Bonds & Government Debentures Advice

Stocks, Bonds & Government Debentures Advice Stocks are also known as equity or shares. They represent an ownership right in the issuing company. Stocks present both capital gain and regular income earning opportunity. Both capital gain and regular income also known as dividend depend on a number of factors and choosing a right company from […]

Managed Investment Schemes Advice

Managed Funds Investment Advice Equity investment is a popular growth strategy but trading at individual levels may prove costly and risky due to relatively low expertise and market information. There are some key issues related to direct equity investments like Stock Selection is a complex process requiring expertise Portfolio requires on going management requiring time […]

Retirement Plan

Retirement Planning Services Every one of us has a working life and must retire one day. We have to make plans and determine our income goals when we retire and need to take necessary steps to achieve those goals. According to Financial Services Council, it is believed that on average every Australian needs to have […]

Life & Other Personal Insurances

Life and Personal Insurance Services While we wish safety of everyone, there are risks of serious injury or dying prematurely for all of us. We either underestimate these risks or do not know how to address these risks appropriately. By taking out life, total and permanent disablement, trauma, or income protection insurance, one can have […]